If you’ve not heard about Dr. BJ Fogg or Tiny Habits, let me suggest this 800-word primer on the habit guru’s key principles. If you are struggling with an unambiguous definition of tiny, the masters Goscinny and Uderzo (and if these are new names to you, I won’t judge you but will exhort you to read 10 of their masterpieces asap) illustrate it with humorous brilliance.

*This scene is from Asterix the Gaul and the image is courtesy my friend & renowned Asterixologist Rinaz*
So the prescription is pretty simple folks. Start with that tiny rock and work your way up to that large boulder. Sure – you’ll not yell “I’M A SUPERMAN” on day#1 but once the streak gets to 100 or even 200 days (and maybe you’ve reached a mid-size boulder), you’ll feel it. All the best!