They say breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes it’s necessary for growth and self-discovery. Today, dear readers, I’m here to announce a heartbreaking decision that has been slowly brewing within me: I’m breaking up with my long-time love, running. It’s been a tumultuous relationship, filled with triumphs and disappointments, but lately, the magic just isn’t there anymore. As I search for refuge and redemption, I’m turning to other sports like squash or yoga to fill the void. Join me on this adventure as I navigate the treacherous waters of finding a new athletic passion.

The Good Ol’ Days Ah, the glory days! I can’t help but reminisce about the time when I was at my peak, sprinting towards the finish line with a sense of invincibility. It was during those years that I embarked on a pure barefoot journey, shedding my running shoes to feel the earth beneath my soles. In that orbit change, I transformed into a faster runner, reveling in the freedom and connection that barefoot running brought. Alas, those days are now a distant memory, like an ex-lover you bump into at the grocery store but can’t quite bring yourself to make eye contact with.

The Struggle Is Real In recent years, my relationship with running has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. I transitioned from barefoot running to minimalist footwear, like the trusty Vibrams, in an effort to find a middle ground. Yet, despite my best efforts, the results remained elusive. It’s as if running and I were caught in a never-ending argument, and no amount of couples therapy (or interval training) could salvage the spark we once had.

The Breaking Point Today was yet another bitter reminder of our failing love affair. I stood at the starting line, my heart filled with hope and my Vibrams hugging my feet. I had meticulously planned my pace, visualized my victory, and even sacrificed a few innocent chocolate bars in the name of carb-loading. Alas, destiny had other plans. My target slipped through my fingers like sand, leaving me feeling disheartened and betrayed.


Seeking Refuge in New Sports Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I’ve decided to explore new horizons. Enter squash and yoga, the two potential saviors waiting in the wings. Squash, with its intense rallies and adrenaline-pumping court battles, promises to inject excitement back into my life. Meanwhile, yoga offers a tranquil escape from the chaotic world of marathon training, embracing inner peace and flexibility.

The Journey Begins As I embark on this new chapter of my athletic life, I’m cautiously optimistic. I can almost hear running, sitting alone on the sidelines, whispering, “You’ll be back.” Perhaps it’s true, but for now, I’m determined to explore the uncharted territories of squash and yoga. Who knows what adventures and surprises await me? After all, isn’t life about taking risks and finding joy in unexpected places?

So, dear readers, this is where our journey takes a turn. I bid farewell to running, knowing that it will always hold a special place in my heart. From the days of pure barefoot exploration to the minimalist footwear experiments, running has shaped me in ways I never thought possible. But for now, I’m ready to embrace the unknown, to step out of my comfort zone, and to find solace in new athletic pursuits. Join me as I embark on this introspective quest to rediscover myself in the arms of squash and yoga. Stay tuned for the tales of triumph, the lessons learned, and the hilarious mishaps that are sure to follow. Together, let’s embrace change and celebrate the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

ChatGPT’s Disclaimer: This blog post is written in a satirical tone and should not be taken as a reflection of actual running experiences. Remember to consult professionals when exploring new sports and activities.

Closing note #1: I showed this to my college-going son and he was fooled all the way till the end. Surely most of you (regular readers) discovered that something was amiss midway itself? And the final sentence “…let’s embrace change and celebrate the endless possibilities…” - this is definitely not me! This post was created by ChatGPT with the following prompts:

  • I’ve been running marathons and ultras for 15 years. My best form was 7 years ago and I’ve been struggling to regain that form with various recalibrated approaches. Nothing seems to be working. I had yet another bad race today (bad = missed my target). Can you act as my inner satirical voice and help write a blog post with a tone/style where I’m “breaking up” with my love (running) and will now look for refuge/redemption in other sports like squash or yoga
  • Great first draft. Forgot to mention that I became a barefoot runner in 2011 - during that “pure barefoot” journey of 3-4 years, I enjoyed the last major orbit change - to a faster runner. Subsequently I switched to a series of minimalist footwear (most recently the Vibrams). Could you incorporate this in your next draft?

About today’s race (TCS10K): Followed a 12-week training plan for a 49:xx time - finished in 53:33. Loving family members pointed out that my age category rank (79/630) isn’t bad. Yeah - it’s not bad, just not what I had trained for. My friend B’s note struck all the right notes - “Decent time despite the crowd, humidity and Achilles issues. Congrats and take the break and come back recharged!