I first met David Reid (one-man-army BBC documentary maker) in late 2014. A meeting that started off with a cold call to the mGaadi call center with “Hey, you guys seem to be transforming auto rickshaw hailing business. Could I talk to your founders?” That cold call led to the making of Mobile apps taming India’s chaotic auto-rickshaws. That was just the half of it. The video piece (not on Youtube but embedded in the article) was aired on BBC Click. It was mGaadi’s time in the sun — friends and family (and investors) calling in with “hey – I saw you guys on BBC”. Heady times – yup.

David, a super affable chap and India lover based in New Delhi, continued to produce his trademark high-quality documentaries. We met one more time in Bangalore and stayed in touch on digital channels.

This is possibly the first time a documentary from David does not involve him being the cameraman. His superb editing skills are on display however. Give it a dekko.