What if I told you that I know a Bengali who doesn’t eat fish. In fact he doesn’t eat meat of *any* kind. Furthermore, he convinced his parents that they too should give up fish and meat. And they did. Maybe him being an only child was a factor but still..

Reflect on this: a 3-person Bengali family in the prime of their youth had abjured fish and meat. And the son catalyzed this when he was in seventh grade!

I’m not making this up. He, a colleague of ours from Tata Steel days (~ early ’90’s), calmly related this on one of those hostel nights when maach was on the menu. I’m sure he told us what epiphany triggered this madness but alas! I don’t recall. [Tata Steel/Jampot friends, do we know where he is?]

Are there other such Bengali outliers or is he truly one in two hundred and fifty million? Please write a comment if you know someone.