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Added For Anonymous after the girl’s death earlier today.

The Problem is Us

How to go from outrage to action

Till the next rape case

Impact of UPA pardons

On police reforms…

  • Nine demands from Saikat Dutta – storified here
  • Collection of tweets from @pragmatic_d on Supreme Court police reforms ruling\_d/status/281040115961303040\_d/status/281040660935622657\_d/status/281040939877801985\_d/status/281041220128628737\_d/status/281041455332593664\_d/status/281042641725054976

**Tweets that made me pause…**
> Red is the color of blood, and has strong symbolism as life. It brings focus to the essence of life and living. [\#wearRed]( [\#delhigangrape]( > > — Gautam Gandhi (@gkgandhi) [December 23, 2012](

Protest needs to be chanelled into a “teachable moment” for change in social attitudes and serious police/legal reform.

— Pratap Bhanu Mehta (@pbmehta) December 23, 2012

@calamur When did Government start working for the people? Slogan for today: Police are for the people, not just the powerful #DelhiGangRape

— Mark Kahn ⚡️ Omnivore (@agri_technology) December 22, 2012

Fast-track courts & harsh sentences don’t touch the real issue: Indian men raised by families to think women are property

— Mahesh Murthy (@maheshmurthy) December 18, 2012

You want to stop rape when your last President, Pratibha Patil, gave clemency to men who raped & murdered minors. |

— Shiv Aroor (@ShivAroor) December 18, 2012

Impunity is rewarded in a system whr actions hv no consequences; India’s judges:population 1/5 of develpd nations needs urgent revamp #rape

— Baijayant Jay Panda (@PandaJay) December 17, 2012

#DelhiRape will only stop when Indian men accept that women have the basic right to sleep with whomever they desire (and refuse anyone else)

— Mark Kahn ⚡️ Omnivore (@agri_technology) December 18, 2012