1. 5k and 10k are ‘short’ runs.
  2. Your weekly mileage is 25k and turns out to be a terrible week.
  3. You hit your ‘warm-up’ point at the 10km mark and hit your zone after 20km.
  4. You keep referring to your watch as ‘Garmin’.
  5. You’ve been running for 2 hours and you tell yourself “only 1 more hour to go”.
  6. You measure the distance between nearby cities as “two marathons”, “three marathons”, etc.
  7. You start your long run on weekend mornings even if it’s drizzling cuz “it’s going to stop raining some time in the next few hours”.
  8. Every new place you visit (especially those with beautiful landscapes), you are thinking “Gee wiz! It sure will be nice to run around here!”
  9. Meditation class runs concurrently with your long run.
  10. Friday night ritual involves: heavy carb loading, extra hydration, corralling all the running gear, charging the Garmin, setting multiple wake-up alarms on your phone.
  11. You are stuck in a traffic jam and you start thinking ruefully “I could have run the distance in less time!”
  12. You return home from a 2-hour run and your spouse greets you with concern – “Back so soon? Everything ok?”