I did the following short li’l summary of my Tull concert experience in the 100 Days in Bangalore post. What I’m adding to this post is the concert discography (which I had tweeted) and a few Qik videos which you should check out only if you are a Tull die-hard (there are no audiophile or videophile gems here).

Thanks to my dear biwi, I was alerted about Tull’s Dec 2 concert in Bangalore at the Palace Grounds. I couldn’t believe it! If I needed a musical ‘welcome home’, this was it. I’ve been to 4 prior Tull concerts (three in Chicago, Illinois and one in San Jose, California) and I don’t miss an opportunity when Tull comes a touring. My dear biwi (bless her heart again!) was going to hold the home fort on Dec 2 (a weekday evening) while I indulged myself. Found several colleagues who were Tull enthusiasts so eventually we had a gang of five. A dear friend from SF Bay Area had to cancel his business trip due to illness so spot#5 got filled in the eleventh hour by another dear friend (from my Xaviers Bokaro days). Considering that this concert took place 5 days after the Mumbai attacks, we headed to the concert with some mixed feelings but ended up having a rollicking time. Ian Anderson was at his entertaining best. It was not a classic Tull concert – Part 1 was Anoushka Shankar and her troupe, Part 2 was classic Tull, and Part 3 was a fusion with Tull and Anoushka. The encore closer was a very unique and incredible live variation of Locomotive Breath with sitar and bansoori blending in exquisitely.

Discography (Part 2 onwards):

  • Living in the past
  • Serenade to a cuckoo
  • Nursie
  • Too old to rock and roll, too young to die. (Ian dedicated this to 65 yr old Sir Mick Jagger)
  • New day yesterday
  • Heavy Horses
  • Thick as a Brick (abridged version)
  • Aqualung
  • (Part 3) Tea with Anoushka
  • (Part 3) Celtic Cradle? A fusion of celtic, irish & indian music. Tull with Anoushka (on sitar) & Tanmoy Bose (on tabla).
  • (Part 3) Mother Goose with Anoushka and 2 block flutes.
  • (Part 3) Little Glass folk – very orchestral fusion piece which eventually turned out to be real good.
  • Bouree
  • Locomotive Breath. Adding the bansuri, sitar & tabla was a GREAT touch to this seminal live performance!

Great fusion piece from Part 3:

Another great fusion piece from Part 3:

Locomotive Breath Live Fusion with Bansoori and Sitar:

A li’l bit of Heavy Horses:

A New Day Yesterday:

And… taking the bow at the closer: