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The Cult of BHUKMP

[Editor’s Note: It’s been almost four years since I started running with (and became part of) the BHUKMP cult. I never got around to writing about BHUKMP, aptly described as a “cult” rather than a group. The name itself is an acronym for the six races that every member should strive to run in a […]

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Hungama in Manama: Eka Lavya’s vivid Mumbai Marathon 2014 race report

[Editor’s Note: Most race reports are a sequential recounting of the race, some more interesting than others. And then you have THIS race report. A vivid portrayal of the race (of course) but also a very humorous description of key events that occurred the day before the race. The author is Eka Lavya (his assumed […]

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Cramps in the final 10k of a marathon – what gives?

I missed the marathon season’s closing race Mumbai Marathon aka the ‘Kumbh Mela of Indian Running’. Wish I could claim credit for that moniker but no.. it was a Gandhian from Hubli — barefoot ultra-marathoner extraordinaire Vishwanathan Jayaraman (VJ) — who coined the term. I keep learning amazing new things about VJ. Apparently he was […]

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My marathon discography

I completed my 12th marathon yesterday (and my 2nd Ultra). It finally made sense to create this discography post. #1 Silicon Valley Marathon (Oct 2002) – 4 hrs 32 min #2 Kaveri Trail Marathon (Sep 2009) – 5 hrs 15 min #3 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (Jan 2010) – 4 hrs 45 min #4 Kaveri […]

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For a few minutes less: running the Mumbai Marathon 2012

This is Part 2 of my Mumbai Marathon 2012 race report and continues from For a few minutes less: a race report from Mumbai Marathon 2012. The First 7k Somewhere in my pace calculations, I erroneously concluded that  5:50 was the goal pace for a 4 hrs 10 min finish. Perhaps 6 seconds/km is not significant […]

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My Pre-2011 Marathon Running Era

My Pre-2011 Marathon Running Era

In 2002, I ran my first marathon – the Silicon Valley Marathon in San Jose. Finished in a respectable time of 4:32. After a 6-year hiatus, I resumed running after our return to India in August 2008. I had struck an optimistic note in Asthma, Bangalore and me… but deep in my heart I feared that my asthma […]

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Bengali Mumbaikar takes the long way home

Soumya Banerjee (my friend from University of Houston days) returned from Boston to India 10 years ago – a period which we can term the “first wave” of reverse brain drain. Very few of my Indian-American friends returned that early so he stands out. It’s thus fitting that he’s the first profile being published in […]

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R2I Profiles – Launching a New Category

My WordPress dashboard stats tell me that a lot of organic traffic comes from folks searching for “nris returning to india” or “indians returning to bangalore”. When I started this blog in 2008, this was the primary target group I had in mind. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know […]

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The Three Bubbles Revisited

When I wrote The Three Bubbles back in Oct 2008, the perspective was biased around cushioning the India landing. Clearly the 3 bubbles represent a fairly minimalistic view of life. If one were to just shuttle from the “living bubble” to the “working bubble” via the “commuting bubble”, there’s a strong likelihood of slowly going mad… […]

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Half-marathoners covering the Worli sealink (Pic: courtesy sulekha.com)

Running the Course – Mumbai Marathon 2010

If you’ve not read Part 1 of  this 2-part series (My Road to Mumbai Marathon 2010), the short version is this – “a case study in how to train well for a marathon for 4-5 months and then nearly blow it all in the final week before race day”. Anyways, this is part 2 – […]

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