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Thanks Vichu It is very ingformative and educational Motivated to get into blogging and inform and learn from world


Hi Vishy,

Thanks for writing this blog – I came across it while looking for information on people from US who have relocated to India.

I found many similarities between our past; striking example being the first Starbucks coffee at a Dominick’s in Park Ridge, IL šŸ™‚

I am in my mid-to-late 20s, originally from Delhi (but without that Delhi wallah attitude that you mentioned somewhere on your blog), and have been living in US (Chicago. IL) for last 11 years. I find myself in a situation similar to one that you faced roughly a year ago šŸ™‚ I have been thinking of relocating to India since last couple of years, but most of it was passive.

Last few weeks of my life have been spent negotiating a job offer from a company in Bangalore (one of the leaders in TelecomMobile domain). It has been pretty confusing last few weeks because every time I thought I was sure I wanted to do this, I became increasingly unsure of the move.

So here I am, 5 hours away from making a final call, reading blogs and forums on NRI relocation to India, debating my future, having an eating disorder…

The reason for my thanks and this long reply is short and straight – I was able to draw some inspiration from your experience. I hope I make the right decision.

Best Regards,


Sorry for not replying earlier and thanks for the nice note. Hope you made the right decision (do send an email or post right here what you decided). Nice thing is that you won’t make a wrong decision in either case. If the timing/opportunity didn’t work out this time, it *will* next time around.. In our case, it was 3rd time lucky! šŸ™‚



I am a friend of BTV Ananth Kumar’s sister. We used to reside in the same house in chennai before they moved to mumbai. Can i pls get his contact no.


hi Kamini,
Sent an email to you and Radhika has replied with details.



Dear Vishy,

Would like to get in touch with you officially but am not sure where to contact you as this information is not available.Could you kindly let us know how to contact you via email.

Thanks you,
iJanaagraha team.

Dilip D'Souza

Hi Vishy (if I may): didn’t know how to reach you and there’s no sign of Firstpost putting my comment up on your post, so pending that, I thought I’d send it to you this way. Please delete it from here once you’ve read it because it’s obviously irrelevant.

All good wishes,
dilip d’souza

Thanks for a thoughtful article, starting with micro-finance and going all the way to that intriguing quote about venture capital right at the end. A while ago, a well-known economist told me that he believed it would be hard for micro-finance to work in India for various reasons. I’ve spent the few years since looking for an example of its success on a wider scale, just to prove him wrong.

That apart, it’s good to read about the success of Selco and HPS, which I’ve been hearing of here and there, and have wanted to know more about. Have you visited HPS at all? I’m interested in the science behind it: how are rice husks turned into electricity? Is there a measure of the efficiency of this process?

Time that I should plan a visit ā€¦ besides which, glad for the mention of Swades (partly based on this story I wrote of two young engineers building a dam,, plug unintentional I promise) and to know that there are real-life guys who do things like the SRK character did there.

Finally, mention of Rangsutra and Sumita Ghose is always a reminder of the tragedy of her husband, Sanjoy. They worked in the Bikaner area for several years, and at least to me Rangsutra’s success is a tribute to that legacy.


Hi Vishy,

Just truly appreciate your Vision that social enterprise is one of the key to a better indian future, the work you are doing is awesome , would like to communicate to you
can you email me back to the email address provided , would truly appreciate your response.

Good Wishes and Heartily wish Great success to all your efforts

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