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If you really want to see aggression, look into Rahul Dravid's eyes - Mathew Hayden

Day of the gritty knock

If the race wasn’t worth writing about, you didn’t give it your all. – A donkey [Editor’s Note: This is my Mumbai Marathon 2017 race report masquerading as a three-part cricket metaphor laced narrative. Any self-aggrandizement percolating through is purely accidental. Really.] Part 1: The week after Jan 17-19, 2017 I laced up my shoes […]

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When in Rome be a barefoot runner

When in Rome be a Roman. If you are a runner there’s possibly no better city than Bangalore for year-round running. There’s at most one hot month and even then the mornings are nothing remotely like Chennai. There’s hardly a run where I don’t thank my stars I’m in Bangalore! While it’s widely known that […]

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They managed to snag the half-monty

Three Act Play for the Fourth Time

“The human being, by and large, is a very bad companion for himself; where he has to face himself for any length of time, he acquires a deep disgust and a restless anxiety which makes him seek almost any escape.” – Victor F Nelson [Editor’s Note: Started this post the Monday following Bangalore Ultra 2016 […]

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I’m racing, not running!

Progress is linearly proportional to one’s efforts but results often come in cycles. – several wise men Coming off a 22-month streak, the 2013-14 season was looking rather normal. KTM in Sep followed by 75k Ultra in Nov and finish off with SCMM in Jan. I had come within flirting distance of sub-4 times in a few training FMs and finally did […]

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Importance of being intervaly

I will not last forever, but I am damn well going to know I have been there. – Dr. George Sheehan Roger Bannister is etched in my memory since at least 1982. My correct answer in a quiz qualifier test would turn out to be decisive enough to beat out 3 senior grades to make […]

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Breaking a streak can be SO liberating

We are all prisoners of our own device. – Eagles Streaks are wonderful things. For the sports aficionado, it’s such things as consecutive games in which an NBA star has drilled at least one 3-pointer, consecutive years in which a tennis superstar has won at least one Grand Slam tournament, seven consecutive wins at the Western States […]

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Musical dope for runners

There was a time I used to listen to music while running. This might come as a surprise to my runner friends in Bangalore but it’s true. Chicago (circa 1995-96) Getting the high on W93.1 in Chicago along Lake Shore Driver Jettisoning it during my 1st FM training (I even remember the exact point on […]

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Driving with the brakes on

This was a song and band I hooked on to during my Chicago years (1994-98). Easily the era where my musical heart was at its spongiest best. Recently the lines driving with the brakes on and swimming with your boots on seemed evocative of my last five years of barefoot running. I’m usually not much for finding out […]

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That moment when I stopped!

For a few hyperloops more…

[Editor’s note: The prequel to this post is Softly, as in a spiritual sunrise (a low-key announcement of a personal ultra run on Nov 27, 2015. This post was written in 4 sessions: Part 1 (on Jan 2) written at the Landmark bookstore in Forum Mall on a 3 year old Samsung Galaxy S2 (yeah – WordPress […]

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Softly, as in a spiritual sunrise

Two years ago, I ran in 3 races. Last year it came down to two. This year I ran the Kaveri Trail Marathon and it’s my first (and last) race for the year. My running goal for 2015 was rather basic – “just keep running”. Under normal circumstances, this would have meant following the Triple […]

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