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Treat us as human beings, not goddesses please!

My wife shared this on her Facebook wall today…

Its a myth – not history – that women in India are treated as goddesses…and even in the greatest epics/myths, one goddess-woman was publicly stripped by her in-laws while her useless husbands (all 5 of them!) and other “great” family members did nothing. And btw, it was her lovely “dharma putra” husband who gambled her away – like another piece of property. However, the husbands and their pals – who were “helpless” to do anything in her defense – did go to war and win for the sake of their own pride and property. In another myth, the goddess was kidnapped by a man just because he thought she was desirable (never mind she was not interested in him or happened to be married). The “perfect man” husband fought a war and brought her back home (probably for his own “honour”) but promptly threw her out of the house because someone cast an aspersion on her “purity” – this after she walked through fire and all that jazz. And till to-date its the 2 women who are blamed – as usual for no fault of their own – as the cause of the 2 wars. Most women will happily settle for being treated as human beings – instead of so-called goddesses – and NOT a piece of property/meat/asset to be passed around to be used and abused at will.