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Decoding a power-packed Facebook status update

Pic: courtesy Bing

After a long time, I came across a Facebook status update which deserves highlighting. Here’s the 45-word beauty sans PII:

Watched Mamma Mia in SF today and loved it. It made me want to hit the dance floor. Will try to get some sleep (hopefully I don’t need to nurse [Infant_Name] four times tonight) and get up early tomorrow morning to edit my new novel.

Here are all the things being conveyed:

  • I’m rich enough to afford going to a Broadway show
  • I’m a dancer
  • I have an infant at home (with a babysitter)
  • My new novel is about to hit the shelves
  • I’m a super mom!

Lest you think my Facebook friend is indulging in self-aggrandizement, I’ll quote another friend – one person’s sharing is another person’s  self-aggrandizement.