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Kuruganti Roots in Vijayawada

We are in Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) at my parents’ house for the holidays. This is my fifth trip since my parents moved here in 1994 and is easily the most enjoyable trip to date. My grandfather’s (dad’s dad) banking career was spent at Andhra Bank and Central Bank. He was getting transferred to new towns every few years so my dad’s family moved a lot. Turns out a significant chunk of time was spent in Vijayawada. I pestered my dad to take me around town and show me important landmarks like the houses they lived in and the schools they went to. He obliged and we had a fun 2 hours zig-zagging through some old neighbourhoods of Vijayawada. Here is a pictorial view of the Kuruganti roots in Vijayawada:

Ram Mohan Reading Library Entrance:
Ram Mohan Library Entrance - Vijayawada

Ram Mohan Reading Library (my dad my dad was practically a fixture here from 1951 to 1953):
Ram Mohan Library Vijayawada - my dad's favorite corner

Ram Mohan Reading Library Missing Staircase (in Feb 1952, my dad met his spiritual guru on the top floor after a lecture):
Ram Mohan Library Vijayawada (there used to be staircase leading to the top floor)

Bala Krishna Bhavan in One Town Vijayawada (dad’s family rented a few rooms on the top floor right ~ early 1950’s):

SKPVV Hindu High School Vijayawada – my dad studied Grade 5 at this school.
SKPVV Hindu High School Vijayawada

My dad in front of his old classroom location. The school had a rather ‘interesting’ tradition where the academic topper got to slap the rest of his classmates. My dad was on the right end of those slaps 🙂
SKPVV Hindu High School Vijayawada (My dad in front of his old classroom)

This used to be a single-storey rental building where my dad’s family lived for a year:
Commercial block in One Town Vijayawada (formerly a rental property where my dad's family lived in 1950's)

Renowned Ayurvedic practitioner Nori Rama Sastry’s Office was right next to the previous rental building. On an impulse, we went inside the office and met the Ayurvedic great’s grandson and his great-grandson who were very hospitable.
Renowned Ayurvedic practioner Nori Rama Sastry's Office in One Town Vijayawada

SRR & CRV Government Degree College (my dad did his Intermediate/+2 here):
SRR & CVR College Vijayawada Main Entrance

Anjaney Temple next to SRR College (this is where my dad & his friends would diligently come to before all their exams to seek divine intervention):
Anjaney Temple next to SRR College Vijayawada