Apologize for the extended hiatus


It’s been 3+ weeks since my last post – I know! Work has kicked into high gear and I’m barely keeping my nose above water. The 1st month honeymoon period at work is over – time to take over the world. 🙂

I’m developing a fresh appreciation for the part-time blogger. The full-time blogger merely has to juggle between work (writing) and family. The part-time blogger has to juggle between work (the gig that pays the bills), family (what feeds the soul), and finding that slice of 1-2 hours to complete a post. Meanwhile, the following posts are awaiting the finishing touch while fresh topics are clamoring for my mind share.

Oct 27: Updated with link to The Three Bubbles.

Nov 1: Updated with link to Three Coincidences.



3 thoughts on “Apologize for the extended hiatus

  1. divs2

    Hey Vishi – heard about you from Gayathri. We live in Raheja and have moved back from the Bay Area recently too. Quite an interesting blog you have out here. Great job of journaling in detail about the move to india and its whys and why nots. Especially liked your version of active-should-wes and passive ones 🙂


  2. divs2

    Hi Vishi…had posted a comment to you on this blog earlier. Not sure why it does not show up. Anyways, heard of you and Poonam through Gayathri. We too have recently moved from the Bay Area and live in Raheja. Good to keep up with your blog and your experiences. We should all meet up sometime.


  3. ulaar

    Hello hello Divya,
    Just responded to your comment on my Traveling chairman post. Your comments were germinating in the ‘awaiting moderation’ section of WordPress – sorry 🙂

    Glad you liked some of my posts. Looking forward to meeting you guys – I believe it’s time we had a Bay Area alumni party… what do you think?


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