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Let the ass kicking begin…

Santa Cruz squash club (circa 1999) It was my second year of playing squash seriously. ‘Seriously‘ doesn’t mean I was any good yet. I was at that rookie stage of a squasher’s evolution when I was constantly looking for easy winners (read “low percentage drop shots or optimistic boasts”). I had signed up for a squash […]

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Breaking a streak can be SO liberating

We are all prisoners of our own device. – Eagles Streaks are wonderful things. For the sports aficionado, it’s such things as consecutive games in which an NBA star has drilled at least one 3-pointer, consecutive years in which a tennis superstar has won at least one Grand Slam tournament, seven consecutive wins at the Western States […]

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Softly, as in a spiritual sunrise

Two years ago, I ran in 3 races. Last year it came down to two. This year I ran the Kaveri Trail Marathon and it’s my first (and last) race for the year. My running goal for 2015 was rather basic – “just keep running”. Under normal circumstances, this would have meant following the Triple […]

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Minimalist in a maximal world

[Editor’s Note: I’ve been meaning to write this post for sometime. This needs mention because this post has the rare distinction of having only a 2 week gestation period (the median post is more like 3-6 months). On a flight back from Delhi, I started writing. The battery went kaput after two paragraphs. Undeterred, I […]

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The gang that ran (or walked) up and down Nandi Hills - Aug 10, 2014

When a sacred bull got a beating

sacred cow (idiom):  something considered (perhaps unreasonably) immune from question or criticism I’ve been a regular long distance runner for almost 6 years. For exactly 2 1/2 of those years (or 42%), I have been a barefoot runner. During my barefoot years, I frequently get asked “is the switch permanent?” My answer almost always is on […]

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A terrifying thought

I thought 2013 was a tough year for running. If the first six months are any indication, 2014 has put 2013 to shame. Barring a 3-month gap in early 2011 and a 3-week gap 18 months later (both slipped disc related), I’ve been a reasonably regular runner for the past 5+ years. I’ve been a […]

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What roads and pavements look like in Bangalore

Call of the Asphalt

Election time in India. Everybody loves it. The poor love it because it’s “freebies time” and they get to vote out the politicians that didn’t come through for them (usually this meant anti-incumbancy but lately it’s gotten interesting). The non-voting middle class love it because it appears that the local MP candidate wants to listen […]

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The Cult of BHUKMP

[Editor’s Note: It’s been almost four years since I started running with (and became part of) the BHUKMP cult. I never got around to writing about BHUKMP, aptly described as a “cult” rather than a group. The name itself is an acronym for the six races that every member should strive to run in a […]

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Pic courtesy eil.com (hard working finding this pic as 99% of "prima donna" images could be mistaken for decolletage

Right Hand Prima Donna Syndrome

About two years ago, during one of our Saturday morning long runs, my friend Prateek remarked “I seem to favor my right hand when carrying a running bottle”. I thought it was an interesting (though not very surprising) observation. After all, if you are right-handed, your right hand would definitely be stronger and more inclined […]

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At Kaveri Trail Marathon Sep 15 2013

The quest for natural running form

Years ago when I used to play squash regularly at Decathlon Club (Santa Clara), I was struggling to vault myself from a high C to a low B. One of the bad habits of C level players is that they DON’T prolong the rallies, opting instead to finish things off quickly, usually via ill-conceived drop […]

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