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When life gives you a ripped toe you make lemonade

For the uninitiated it must seem like an act of god that we barefoot runners don’t get injured more often… especially with all those glass pieces and strewn on the road, right? Turns out no superhuman powers are required. Barefoot runners have no choice but to be aware of the running surface – innate survival instinct kicks […]

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The runner’s elixir

The Gauls go to battle against the hapless Romans after downing a swig of magic potion prepared by their druid Getafix. It doesn’t matter how heavily armed the Romans are or whether they got recent reinforcements from the nearby camp of Laudanum. They always get bashed to nothingness – sandals on the ground, Roman soldiers […]

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Made men of the mafiosi runner’s body

I have stood here before inside the pouring rain With the world turning circles running ’round my brain I guess I’m always hoping that you’ll end this reign But it’s my destiny to be the king of pain For all you non-Police fans out there, the above lyrics are from King of Pain (Synchronicity album). This post […]

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Fridge Logic for Runners

Over the weekend we stumbled upon “Magazines” in Koramangala. A charming store that stocks only magazines (mostly old ones) and comics. While this store had only opened a few months ago, the Church Street location has been open for over 40 years so clearly they are filling a need. The old me would have walked […]

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A runner gets rid of a corn… and photoblogs the metamorphosis

Disclaimer: the pictures below are NOT for the squeamish.         Closing note: this is the first post I published from the MOST EXCELLENT WordPress client on Android.

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The sacred cows of marathon running

[Editor’s Note: Two years ago, I wrote a list-based post – you are a long distance runner when.. Nothing spectacular but it sorta went viral on Facebook and I got my first official flattery (read “got plagiarized”). A friend saw my post neatly pasted on a friend-of-a-friend’s wall (let’s call him X – he’s a Chennai runner). […]

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What kind of runner are you?

On the way I passed a few other joggers, about an equal number of men and women. The energetic ones were zipping down the road, slicing through the air like they had robbers down their heels. Others, overweight, huffed and puffed, their eyes half-closed, shoulders slumped like this was the last thing in the world […]

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For a few minutes less: running the Mumbai Marathon 2012

This is Part 2 of my Mumbai Marathon 2012 race report and continues from For a few minutes less: a race report from Mumbai Marathon 2012. The First 7k Somewhere in my pace calculations, I erroneously concluded that  5:50 was the goal pace for a 4 hrs 10 min finish. Perhaps 6 seconds/km is not significant […]

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My Pre-2011 Marathon Running Era

My Pre-2011 Marathon Running Era

In 2002, I ran my first marathon – the Silicon Valley Marathon in San Jose. Finished in a respectable time of 4:32. After a 6-year hiatus, I resumed running after our return to India in August 2008. I had struck an optimistic note in Asthma, Bangalore and me… but deep in my heart I feared that my asthma […]

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If Bollywood script writers were rabid runners…

Some movie titles might have turned out slightly different. Perhaps? Aa Daude Zara [Aa Dekhen Zara] Jab We Ran [Jab We Met ] Teesri Ultra Marathon [Teesri Manzil] Dilwale Dulhaniya Daud Ke Lejayenge [DDLJ] Pati Patni Aur Woh Runner [Pati Patni Aur Woh] And the dialogue from Deewar could have been: Amitabh Bachan: Mere pas […]

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