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NPS Koramangala - Pic courtesy npsinr.com

The curious case of the traveling chairman

It was Bangalore Day #5 and our first Friday. I had taken the day off for the express purpose of visiting the top school on our short list – National Public School. In a separate post (Masti ki paathshala), I will discuss our criteria in choosing the right school for our kids and how National Public School […]

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Apologize for the extended hiatus

It’s been 3+ weeks since my last post – I know! Work has kicked into high gear and I’m barely keeping my nose above water. The 1st month honeymoon period at work is over – time to take over the world. 🙂 I’m developing a fresh appreciation for the part-time blogger. The full-time blogger merely […]

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The social graph reacts to our move

Back in July, in typical Kuruganti style, I sent an email to the vast majority of my social graph about our planned move to India. It was a rather painstaking process since there’s no easy way to pack all the relevant email addresses into a Bcc field. Using Facebook as the mother lode, I systematically […]

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Asthma, Bangalore and me...

Asthma, Bangalore and me…

Asthma and I go back a long way. One cold winter in Bokaro, when I was either 6 or 7, asthma came uninvited into my life. It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that it changed my life. Besides taking a lot of medicines and being bedridden more than the average kid, the big lifestyle […]

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The first week in Bangalore

“I want to go to Bangalore, Mommy”, declared Sanat three days after we reached Bangalore. He knew, of course, that we had reached Bangalore but what he was trying to say is that while he really enjoyed the last month of traveling, he was ready to settle into our new place. “Soon, beta“, we reassured him. […]

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Missed the Independence Day celebrations at the capital -- by 10 hours

First 3 days in India (Delhi & Bangalore)

Aug 15 The prodigal son returns to India on Independence Day exactly 16 years after he had left for America. Left on a Lufthansa flight and returned on an Air India nonstop flight.  We had the closest thing to a red carpet welcome. Our very dear friends had arranged for ‘Man Friday’ (no less) and […]

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A sense of satisfaction… and accomplishment

“You stink”, yelled my 7-year old nephew when I tried to give him a goodbye hug. “But I showered barely 2 hours ago”, I protested. Of course it was a different matter that I was packing stuff into suitcases, creating piles of junk, and loading suitcases into the rental car in preparation for the drive […]

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If this is not ulaari, then I don’t know what is

“But my move was unconventional…”, replied my friend R who had moved to Bangalore from the Bay Area three years ago. Our email thread stalled at that point so I didn’t get a chance to learn what her definition of ‘conventional’ was. Bet it wasn’t Nagesh Kukunoor‘s portrayal of Varun in Hyderabad Blues. Jokes apart, […]

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The Last Temptation

It started innocently enough. I was telling my friend (let’s call him “Joe”) at Company X about my decision to leave Graspr and move to India. Joe immediately asked me if I was interested in exploring Company X. If yes, he was eager to introduce me to a key executive for an exciting role. It […]

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The road to Bangalore goes through Shasta, Portland, Cedar Falls, Chicago and New York

It’s official – we are moving to Bangalore. (Here’s more on Why Bangalore). Before I made the 2-week scouting trip to India, Poonam had this idea for a road trip across US before our India move. It seemed like a pipe dream initially since there were so many things to finish before our move. But […]

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