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Day 3 054

Ejipura evictions and Karnataka State Human Rights Commission

If you have read about last month’s evictions (and demolition) of a slum in the Ejipura/Koramangala neighborhood of Bangalore.. and want to do something about it, here’s a sample of the letter you can write/email to the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission. Leave a comment and I’ll DM/message you the relevant email addresses. To Karnataka […]

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4 years of blogging!

Yup – 4 years! To celebrate my 4-year blogging anniversary, I migrated my WordPress-hosted ulaar.wordpress.com blog to  ulaar.com. I’m sure it’s an event the blogosphere’s been looking forward to with joyous anticipation but guy… don’t know how to break it you… I’m not doing any press interviews. And yeah – don’t send any TV crews […]

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The Darndest Things You See in India - Part 4 (Park Signs)

The Darndest Things You See in India – Part 4 (Park Signs)

Additional commentary Park timings seem to mirror temple timings though I haven’t verified whether the park is actually closed between 10am and 4pm. Only clockwise walking. Compliance rate is similar to that for the One-way and Maintain Lane Discipline signs you see on Indian roads. Fencing around the fountain for exercises – interesting phrase I say. […]

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When something’s not easy to do, you are doing it wrong

It was early days for me at the University of Houston campus in the Fall of 1992. One of my initial starry-eyed memories was that of purchasing my first Coke can from a vending machine on my way back to the Cambridge Oaks apartment. This was my first-ever encounter with a Coke can (for that […]

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A year in Bangalore – the unwritten blog posts

We hit our ‘one year anniversary in India’ on India’s Independence Day – Aug 15, 2009. A few months ago, we toyed with the idea of throwing a party and invite all our friends (old and new). The unrelenting pressures of work and the weekly ‘rhythm of the kids’ school and after-school activities meant we […]

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The Proud Man

(Part 1 of a two part series..) We bought a new Maruti Suzuki SX4 in early Sep 2008. Since I was not in a terrible hurry to drive in Bangalore traffic, we had to get a driver. The initial plan was to hire a temporary driver from one of the agencies (they’d be pricey but […]

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Vidhana Soudha (Pic: courtesy tripadvisor.com.sg)

100 Days in Bangalore (Part 1)

I had planned to write this post sometime back – a retrospective kinda post providing a snapshot of the family’s settling down process – my job, kids schools, car, meeting friends, setting up the house, etc. On November 25, we completed 100 days in Bangalore but the next day all hell broke loose in Mumbai. Over […]

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Diwali at Raheja Residency and Mantri Classic

Our first Diwali in India (after a gap of 16 years) was definitely memorable. One of our Bay Area friends (Smita) responded to a tweet requesting me to record some of the Diwali audio action. Fortunately, I recorded some Qik videos a few nights before Diwali. The two Diwali nights were tough because the kids […]

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The Three Bubbles

My good friend Monish who had moved to Bangalore from Silicon Valley last year had this wisdom to share – “Select your three bubbles correctly and your transition to India will be smooth”. This mantra was passed on to him by his returned-to-India ‘senior’. If this is the first post you are reading on my […]

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The curious case of the traveling chairman

It was Bangalore Day #5 and our first Friday. I had taken the day off for the express purpose of visiting the top school on our short list – National Public School. In a separate post (Masti ki paathshala), I will discuss our criteria in choosing the right school for our kids and how National Public School […]

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