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The Cult of BHUKMP

[Editor’s Note: It’s been almost four years since I started running with (and became part of) the BHUKMP cult. I never got around to writing about BHUKMP, aptly described as a “cult” rather than a group. The name itself is an acronym for the six races that every member should strive to run in a […]

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Major Devender Pal Singh (Pic: courtesy facebook.com)

A quiet morning inside Osmania University

My mother fasts and prays. My sister meditates. I run. My brother recently made an astute observation about us – the prayers, fasts, meditations, and running increase when extraordinary events occurred. What kind of events? Say, when a family member falls ill or when a special inter-planetary event comes around. I reflected on this last week […]

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Most visible symbol of Hyderabad's Hi-Tec City (Pic: courtesy hyderabadplanet.com)

Our Return Ticket 16 Years Later

[Editor’s Note: After an extended silence in the R2IProfiles category, I bring you an interview with a recently returned (to India) fellow blogger, Vasantha Gullapalli. Most of the answers below are partial or full extracts from her blog (which you should frequent, especially if you are contemplating a move to Hyderabad). She and her husband […]

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Would you go on a boat ride or cruise if there were no life jackets?

I ended  the The Value of Life in India post with the question: “Is it possible for us Indians to snap out of our collective amnesia and change our attitude before the next major calamity or the minor tragedy?” My wise biwi thought it wasn’t fair to leave the post hanging like that. Our ensuing conversation (transcribed […]

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The Value of Life in India

(I started this post in Oct 2009 a few days after the tragic boat accident in Thekkady, Kerala ~ 5 month gestation period) “The quality of life in India is great but the value for human life is not”, uttered my cousin Sridhar. We had stopped for a few days at his Germantown, Maryland residence […]

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Brother or Best Friend?

My two-week whirlwind India trip was not touching Hyderabad. This was a bummer because my brother lives there. Since I had a 6-day continuous stay in Bangalore, he planned a 2-day trip to Bangalore to spend some quality time with me. I was really looking forward to it. My brother is older than me and […]

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Pic: courtesy cwc.nic.in

Where in India are we moving to?

So we are moving to India but to which city? For better or worse, the list of candidate cities is fairly small. Before we get into discussing the merits and demerits of each city, let me outline the key V+P criteria (V=Vishy, P=Poonam) in evaluating the candidate Indian cities. In no particular order, here are […]

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