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When in Rome be a barefoot runner

When in Rome be a Roman. If you are a runner there’s possibly no better city than Bangalore for year-round running. There’s at most one hot month and even then the mornings are nothing remotely like Chennai. There’s hardly a run where I don’t thank my stars I’m in Bangalore! While it’s widely known that […]

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Breaking a streak can be SO liberating

We are all prisoners of our own device. – Eagles Streaks are wonderful things. For the sports aficionado, it’s such things as consecutive games in which an NBA star has drilled at least one 3-pointer, consecutive years in which a tennis superstar has won at least one Grand Slam tournament, seven consecutive wins at the Western States […]

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Bangalore Ultra 2014 Race Report

It was the best of races. It was the worst of races. Let’s examine that adopted idiom. What IS the “best” of races? The race where you shatter your PB by double-digit minutes? Or that tough trail where you find yourself pushed to the cliff (multiple times) and you claw back some respectability? Nothing is […]

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The gang that ran (or walked) up and down Nandi Hills - Aug 10, 2014

When a sacred bull got a beating

sacred cow (idiom):  something considered (perhaps unreasonably) immune from question or criticism I’ve been a regular long distance runner for almost 6 years. For exactly 2 1/2 of those years (or 42%), I have been a barefoot runner. During my barefoot years, I frequently get asked “is the switch permanent?” My answer almost always is on […]

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What roads and pavements look like in Bangalore

Call of the Asphalt

Election time in India. Everybody loves it. The poor love it because it’s “freebies time” and they get to vote out the politicians that didn’t come through for them (usually this meant anti-incumbancy but lately it’s gotten interesting). The non-voting middle class love it because it appears that the local MP candidate wants to listen […]

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Closeup of the huaraches

Chappal mein pachattar – my first 75k ultra

[Editor’s note: Translation for my non-Hindi readers: pachattar is the Hindi word for the number 75, chappals are the Indian rendition of flip-flops, a colloquial reference to my 4mm huarache sandals. This post is a very belated race report of my first 75k ultra marathon in Nov 2012.] Just a year ago, I ran my first […]

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Nandi arch: the runner's halfway breasting tape

My Second Nandi Hills Climb

This is my fourth year of regular long distance running in Bangalore. Every year, sometime between August and October, my running buddies go for an annual jaunt of the Nandi Hills. Sixty kilometers away, it’s the closest ‘hill running course’ – a 7.15 km climb with a steadily increasing gradient in the first five km […]

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Somewhere between 37.5km and 50km at the Bangalore Ultra 2012

Say hello to huaraches

It’s ironic that I’m finishing this post 13 months after switching to the 4mm huaraches (christened “4mmH” for the rest of this post). Ironic because after logging 1569km, one of the lace holes got ripped and I’ve cabled a warranty replacement request to Xeroshoes’ Steve Sashen. I’ve had an absolutely wonderful time with 4mmH. It […]

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Pic courtesy theruniverse.com

The worst (and best) running surfaces for barefoot running

Steve Sashen of Invisibleshoe.com (now rebranded as XeroShoes.com) wrote an interesting blog post back in Dec 2009. I discovered it only a few days ago via an email subscription on his website. The gist of his article (which I agree with) is that soft surfaces are absolutely the worst surfaces for barefoot running and hard […]

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The Invisible Shoes with the Lena-invented 'Phoenix Flower' knot

How a hobby turned into a business – the Invisible Shoes story

Steven Sashen sent an email this morning to his loyal customer base announcing the third anniversary of Boulder-based Invisible Shoes. There’s an anniversary sale of course but he also shared a merry little back story on how they got started — turning a hobby into a business. In 3 years, they’ve sold 22,000 pairs of Invisible Shoes […]

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