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As I shuttled between Bangalore and San Francisco in 2010

As I shuttled between Bangalore and San Francisco in 2010

I saved this tweet from Nitin Pai (chief honcho and writer at The Indian National Interest) sometime in the first half of 2010. The operative phrase is “ought to”. The sad reality is that for most people (and I include myself in this category), the dominant emotions are sadness, guilt and frustration. Where’s the fury […]

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My Road to Mumbai Marathon 2010

4 hrs 45 min 12 secs. That’s the total time I took to complete the regulation distance (42.195km) of Mumbai Marathon 2010. It was the 3rd full marathon I participated in & successfully completed. The time was 13 min shy from my personal best (Silicon Valley Marathon in 2002). I was 7 years younger, weather […]

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When something’s not easy to do, you are doing it wrong

It was early days for me at the University of Houston campus in the Fall of 1992. One of my initial starry-eyed memories was that of purchasing my first Coke can from a vending machine on my way back to the Cambridge Oaks apartment. This was my first-ever encounter with a Coke can (for that […]

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A year in Bangalore – the unwritten blog posts

We hit our ‘one year anniversary in India’ on India’s Independence Day – Aug 15, 2009. A few months ago, we toyed with the idea of throwing a party and invite all our friends (old and new). The unrelenting pressures of work and the weekly ‘rhythm of the kids’ school and after-school activities meant we […]

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ABIDe promotes convenient Volvo transport

I first met Sanjay Anandaram (serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist) during the Dec 2008 Jethro Tull concert. We connected on the intellectual level and had some interesting conversations as we drove in Tridib’s car to Palace Grounds. Sanjay lives in Raheja and, while we haven’t met again in person, occasionally sends useful social & civic related […]

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100 Days in Bangalore (Part 2)

Continued from 100 Days in Bangalore (Part 1)… If you’ve read Why we are moving back to India or Brother or Best Friend, you know that one of the big reasons for moving to India was to spend more time with the family. My parents’ two-week visit in October provided the first treat on that front. […]

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Masti ki paathshala (for the First Grader Wannabe)

(Note: This started off as a school-centric post for both our 5.5 year old and the almost 3-year old but is now focused entirely on the former.) We had seen Rang De Basanti earlier this year so the song Masti ki Paathshala was still fresh in my mind. Masti ki Paathshala (in Hindi) translates to School […]

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Cubbon Park, Bangalore (circa 2009) - Pic courtesy thehindu.com

Bangalore Calling

(Someday this post shall be completed. Until then, here’s a relevant comment thread between me and a New Jersey Indian American woman contemplating the move.) Other posts related to the “Where in India” decision: Where in India are we moving to? The Bombay Seduction Gurgaon Growling 100 days in Bangalore (Part 1) —- Hi Vishy, […]

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Vidhana Soudha (Pic: courtesy tripadvisor.com.sg)

100 Days in Bangalore (Part 1)

I had planned to write this post sometime back – a retrospective kinda post providing a snapshot of the family’s settling down process – my job, kids schools, car, meeting friends, setting up the house, etc. On November 25, we completed 100 days in Bangalore but the next day all hell broke loose in Mumbai. Over […]

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Baap Ka Baap (that

The Auto Rickshaw Diaries

Indians have a love-hate relationship with the auto rickshaw. The love comes from the incredible convenience afforded by the 3-legged black-and-yellow creature. In just about any city, one can very easily hail an ‘auto’ (as it is fondly referred by most Indians) and be on your merry way to whichever part of the city you […]

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