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Nehru’s pride, Indo-American relationship and the Indo-China war

Gurcharan Das, in his book India Unbound, makes a pithy statement. When individuals make blunders, it’s sad but when leaders make blunders, it’s a tragedy. He was referring to Indira Gandhi but the statement applies equally to her father too. Nehru’s socialist leanings are well-known. What’s less known is that he was more attached to […]

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Inside look at Bokaro Steel Plant (Pic: courtesy indianetzone.com)

When Bokaro Steel Plant and America almost had a date…

In Ambassador’s Journal, John Kenneth Galbraith writes about many interesting things during his tenure as US Ambassador to India. The snippets on Bokaro Steel City (where I was born) caught my attention. All Bokaro residents are aware of the Russian collaboration and the ‘many things Russian’ about Bokaro (stations inside City Park, Russian Colony, etc.) What will […]

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When something’s not easy to do, you are doing it wrong

It was early days for me at the University of Houston campus in the Fall of 1992. One of my initial starry-eyed memories was that of purchasing my first Coke can from a vending machine on my way back to the Cambridge Oaks apartment. This was my first-ever encounter with a Coke can (for that […]

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Congratulations President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama

What better way to celebrate Obama’s victory? Not just for America, but for the world! Thanks to my friend Fred Johnson for posting this on his Photography by Frederick Van blog.

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Soft Landing Anyone?

Soft landing. Two words used most often by friends and acquaintances when I revealed my India plans. “You want a soft landing”, the wise men said. Moving to India would be hard overall so taking up a less stressful job would go a long way towards softening the landing. Great! But what kind of jobs […]

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Brother or Best Friend?

My two-week whirlwind India trip was not touching Hyderabad. This was a bummer because my brother lives there. Since I had a 6-day continuous stay in Bangalore, he planned a 2-day trip to Bangalore to spend some quality time with me. I was really looking forward to it. My brother is older than me and […]

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Home is wherever you can lay down some roots (Pic: courtesy fineartamerica.com)

The two types of Indian immigrants

“When an Indian professional becomes a ‘Non-Resident Indian’ in the United States , he soon starts suffering from a strange disease. The symptoms are a fixture of restlessness,anxiety, hope and nostalgia. The virus is a deep inner need to get back home. Like Shakespeare said, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” The […]

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Why did the Kurugantis immigrate to America?

Sometime in my 2nd year of engineering at BIT Mesra, I first dreamed of coming to America, getting trained as a computer scientist, doing cutting-edge research and becoming wildly famous – you know, the usual dreams that 2nd year engineering students have. 🙂 With a single-minded focus, I threw myself into the application process for […]

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Why are we moving back to India now?

This is the first question our friends and acquaintances ask when they learn about our India plans. The first part of the answer lies in understanding why we immigrated to America in the first place. The next lies in understanding the Kurugantis’ position on the two types of Indian immigrants. Poonam and I were always in the should-we camp. Barring […]

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Why the urge to blog *now* ?

The itch to blog has been there for several years. But I’m more of a generalist than a specialist. I believe it’s much easier for specialists to blog regularly than generalists. Audiences are interested in  reading and subscribing to blogs that have a certain theme, focus, and some level of predictability. The operative word is […]

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