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The Stotan Code

[Editor’s Note: Unfinished blog post #77 in my Drafts folder is Scott Jurek’s “Influences and Reading List”. The most interesting character in that list is Percy Cerutty, pronounced “just like ‘sincerity,’ without the sin”. Cerutty came up with the Stotan Code. Seriously inspiring and a heady cocktail of Hatha yoga, Vedanta, and crazy ultra runner.] …

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A Jan Koum anecdote

I never met Jan Koum during my 8 years in Yahoo. I met Brian Acton during his days with Yahoo! Shopping (or was it Yahoo! Finance?) There’s a funny anecdote I remember about Jan though. The year was 1999. Squarely in the middle of the dot-com boom days. Yahoo’s offices were in 3420 Central Expressway, Santa Clara. …

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