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As I shuttled between Bangalore and San Francisco in 2010

As I shuttled between Bangalore and San Francisco in 2010

I saved this tweet from Nitin Pai (chief honcho and writer at The Indian National Interest) sometime in the first half of 2010. The operative phrase is “ought to”. The sad reality is that for most people (and I include myself in this category), the dominant emotions are sadness, guilt and frustration. Where’s the fury […]

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Help find 8 year old Tejas from Panipat – kidnapped in December 2008

For any parent who has lost track of their child (be it for a minute or a few hours), you might begin to understand the heart-wrenching plight of a mother (Neena Gaba) whose 8 year old son Tejas was kidnapped 17 months ago in front of her eyes at gunpoint! Please read her personal appeal […]

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Would you go on a boat ride or cruise if there were no life jackets?

I ended  the The Value of Life in India post with the question: “Is it possible for us Indians to snap out of our collective amnesia and change our attitude before the next major calamity or the minor tragedy?” My wise biwi thought it wasn’t fair to leave the post hanging like that. Our ensuing conversation (transcribed […]

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The Janus Man

This is a sequel to  The Proud Man and is based on a series of events that occurred in March 2009. Act 1, Scene 1: Raheja apartment living room (Time: 2:00pm) “Madam! Aap garage mein jaldi aayiye. Aapke gaadi ko kuch ho raha hai.” (Translation for non-Hindi readers: please come to the garage quickly. Something’s […]

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The Coconut Seller’s Daughters

A few weeks ago we were parked opposite the Raheja Arcade – li’l A, Sunil and me in the car while P and S had gone to the bank. A was watching the perpetually interesting traffic while my attention was drawn to the various actors on the pavement. By ‘actors’, I mean the usual foot […]

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