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Bangalore to Hubli: from agony to ecstasy

[Editor’s Note: My good friend and ex-colleague Shriram undertook an amazing trip last year. Shriram is a cyclist and a runner. He belittles his running but he’s blessed with natural abilities. With no training plan and just two long 30k runs under his belt, he knocked off a full marathon (Auroville 2011) in 3:55. But […]

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James Gatlin – on competing with the fastest man in the world

American sprinter James Gatlin, who’s just coming off a doping-induced ban, talks about competing with the fastest man in the world. Interviewer: Is Usain Bolt unbeatable? Gatlin: It’s like you watching for weaknesses of your opponents in a game like football or basketball. You watch them for what great athletes they are and study them. […]

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The day Sarah Fitz-Gerald visited our squash club

Gosh! It’s been at least 5 years since I last played squash. Not counting the 3 games I played at an off-site corporate event in 2009. I’m talking ‘regular’ playing (regular = at least 3 times a week). Sometime last year, I removed “squash” from my Twitter bio — there are only so many “hoping […]

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Lessons from Under the Banyan Tree

R.K. Narayan is my favorite Indian writer. I don’t know who is second on my list… in any case it’s not germane to this blog post. Under the Banyan Tree is a collection of short stories, arguably one of his finest books. It was the book that made me go buy every other book R.K. […]

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That one perfect drive!

Following is an excerpt from PG Wodehouse’s A Mixed Threesome – one of many beautiful golf stories from The Golf Omnibus. The scene being described is that of the story’s protagonist (Mortimer Sturgis) executing that perfect golf swing. In the narrative below,┬áthe inimitable Oldest Member (who stars in many of Wodehouse’s golf stories) is speaking […]

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Offroading in Behrampur/Gurgaon – Selected Shorts from Jun 2008

A selection of videos from my offroading adventure with Pranshu Gupta (and his bad boy friends) in Behrampur – a hamlet on the outskirts of Gurgaon. Disclaimer: no animals were harmed in the making of these videos (Jun 2008).

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