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Can you live so completely that there is only the active present now?

From the chapter “A fundamental question” in Jiddu Krishnamurti’s The Awakening of Intelligence. This chapter was from a lecture delivered in Madras on Jan 12, 1968. The closing excerpt (reproduced here) made an impression on me. Questioner: Sir, if we are not in the past, but in the present, does that also become the past and […]

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The Logical Song

I’ve been enjoying Supertramp’s Logical Song since the mid-90’s but it’s only recently, with the perspective of a parent thinking about education paradigms for kids, that the song’s message hits home. If your musical journey has somehow missed Supertramp’s Breakfast in America album, I strongly recommend it – never too late I say. I’ve reproduced the […]

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The journey from one home to another (guest post)

[Editor’s Note: The 2nd post in the R2IProfiles category comes from my blogger friend and fellow Bangalore denizen “Divs”. She blogs with gusto at Baby Love…and looottts of it] I went to the US in Dec.1999 and celebrated the millennium New Year ’s Eve with my cousin sis and her family whom I had not […]

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Masti ki paathshala (for the First Grader Wannabe)

(Note: This started off as a school-centric post for both our 5.5 year old and the almost 3-year old but is now focused entirely on the former.) We had seen Rang De Basanti earlier this year so the song Masti ki Paathshala was still fresh in my mind. Masti ki Paathshala (in Hindi) translates to School […]

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NPS Koramangala - Pic courtesy

The curious case of the traveling chairman

It was Bangalore Day #5 and our first Friday. I had taken the day off for the express purpose of visiting the top school on our short list – National Public School. In a separate post (Masti ki paathshala), I will discuss our criteria in choosing the right school for our kids and how National Public School […]

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