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Return to India decision – in ONE tweet

Yeah – Twitter is an addictive time-sink but it does offer a few redeeming moments. The tweet below is one such moment. The one tweet answer to… Should I stay or should I return? #Home is not where you live, but where they understand you. @suparnamathur — Uttama (@southasnparent) September 18, 2012 If you are an Indian […]

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Taking the pressure off your R2I decision

Problem with starting your morning with Twitter (or Facebook) is that you might exceed your “daily dose” by 9am itself. On the bright side (especially if you are a blogger), you might read something that makes you go “Aha! I know JUST the post I need to write today.” This works great when you’ve been […]

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Leaving Hotel California

It’s been a little over four years since I wrote Why are we moving back to India now? I thought of our R2I decision this morning as I read Tim Kreider’s brilliantly insightful and wonderfully written The ‘Busy’ Trap on New York Times. The following two passages caught my attention. Almost everyone I know is busy. They feel anxious […]

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Attracting diaspora to address India’s higher education faculty gap

[Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on my other blog (TechSangam) – republishing here since it’s clearly relevant to the Return to India meme. Earlier this year, academic collaborators from Rutgers University, Penn State University and Tata Institute of Social Sciences published an insightful study that quantified the severe gap in higher education faculty […]

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Shivranjani - Satellite in Ahmedabad (Pic: courtesy rojnuamdavad.wordpress)

East or West, Is Home Really the Best?

[Editor’s Note: For the 5th voice in this series, I bring you a guest post from Roona Ballachanda who describes herself on her India Repat blog as thus: “After seven years in the United States, I returned home to India in 2010, only to feel myself a stranger in my own country. Living an expat […]

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Our Return Ticket 16 Years Later

[Editor’s Note: After an extended silence in the R2IProfiles category, I bring you an interview with a recently returned (to India) fellow blogger, Vasantha Gullapalli. Most of the answers below are partial or full extracts from her blog (which you should frequent, especially if you are contemplating a move to Hyderabad). She and her husband […]

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Rishikonda (one of Vizag's famous beaches)

Vizag Boy Returns Home After 15 Years in Northern Virginia/DC Area

For Part 3 in this series, I bring to you an interview with Srinivas Savaram. Srinivas is my friend from Rejuvenate India Movement volunteering days (circa 1999) – I later learned that he was my senior in Timpany School, Vizag too. He returned to India in 2004. Q: How long & where did you live […]

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Freedom from Inertia

As a sovereign republic, India turned 63 today. Today also marks our second anniversary in India – after 16 years in America. To mark this occasion, I tweeted the following: 2 years in India. The second year whizzed by even faster than the first. Me thinks we’ll stop counting now. My biwi, who’s not active […]

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India Calling US – Job Fairs in New Jersey and Santa Clara

Two years ago, at the early stage of my India job hunt, I was talking to an executive at a large technology firm. I had just finished telling him about my two prior attempts to move to Bangalore (in 2004 and 2006)  and that I was hoping for third-time-lucky in 2008. Clearly the number of […]

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The journey from one home to another (guest post)

[Editor’s Note: The 2nd post in the R2IProfiles category comes from my blogger friend and fellow Bangalore denizen “Divs”. She blogs with gusto at Baby Love…and looottts of it] I went to the US in Dec.1999 and celebrated the millennium New Year ’s Eve with my cousin sis and her family whom I had not […]

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