A runner gets rid of a corn… and photoblogs the metamorphosis

Disclaimer: the pictures below are NOT for the squeamish.


After 2nd 24-hour usage of the Scholl corn cap


Believe me when I say “it does NOT hurt”.



Almost done…


Fresh pink skin whitened by salicylic acid


In the end, everything has to die…


Other side of the dead skin strip


See that white blotch on right huarache? Result of 30km of foot pounding with corn cap


After I cleaned things a bit. Slight bleeding at 5 o’clock thanks to my enthusiasm


Not my ear. It’s the remnants of a corn cap after it’s been pounded on Bangalore roads for 30 km.


View from the other side. I feel for it (really I do). Thanks Scholl.


What a Scholl corn cap looks like “freshly worn”


Great design. Stick medicated circle first, follow-up with SUV-style cushion.


Remaining corn (right side) also showing signs of decimation


Thin strip stubbornly hanging on. Do we need another cap?




I guess we DID need another cap.


So many shades…


Corn cap after ‘regular’ usage – i.e. no running for 3+ years.



The Middle Kingdom falling apart…


Rudimentary jigsaw puzzle


Operation DesertStorm nearing Baghdad


A few days later.. last strip came apart during a weekend trip to the mall with the family. Nobody saw me taking this pic.


Bye bye..


We’re all good now.. barring a few furrows and some unrelated blisters.

Closing note: this is the first post I published from the MOST EXCELLENT WordPress client on Android.

Kaikondrahalli – a runner’s lake in Bangalore

Considering that I’ve run over 500km around the 1.9km loop of the Kaikondrahalli Lake (in the past 15 months), it’s about time I made a proper introduction. An introduction in pictures – from this Flickr set.

Disclaimer: the pictures are from May 8, 2012 and the terrain of the trail has significantly improved. All other views are reasonably the same.






















Darndest English signs in China

(Hat tip to my pal Dhananjay for forwarding these gems with the hilarious captions)


Welcome for Coming!


The key to existence is pushing!


Errr what?


I won't...Promise...But where on earth are you?


If it's NOT a toy, what IS it?


For swimming children only!


Foot alignment anyone?


Beware oh cyclists!


When in doubt, spell it out!

Something to do with the cultural revolution?

Bottled water...in a can! Gee! Exciting!

House #54, 17th Main, 2nd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

The front of the house

Courtyard in front with furniture display (and guard in background)

More furniture in front courtyard

View from the side of the house

Side courtyard featuring rocks and stones

A long side courtyard indeed

Courtyard ends here - beautiful tree with a spiral staircase leading somewhere...

Don't know why but this reminded me of Cuba/Buena Vista Social Club

Glimpses of former glory

Park bench & office desk meet... in the side courtyard

More stone work - very comfortable

Metallic clothes lines were probably in vogue a decades ago

A more complete look at the lovely spiral staircase

Overhead ceiling fan at the intersection of the front and side courtyards

Center of the house features a Japanese'sque shrub-tree with open roof. Beautiful.

Carefully careless or accidentally appropriate?

The Darndest Things You See in India – Part 4 (Park Signs)

Sign inside a Koramangala park. Quick! How many DO's and how many DONT's?

Another park! Another sign! Easier on the eye. Too bad it's still prohibition time!

Additional commentary

  • Park timings seem to mirror temple timings though I haven’t verified whether the park is actually closed between 10am and 4pm.
  • Only clockwise walking. Compliance rate is similar to that for theĀ One-way and Maintain Lane Discipline signs you see on Indian roads.
  • Fencing around the fountain for exercises – interesting phrase I say. Btw, the word fountain is merely aspirational.
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness. If all the non-park public spaces were 1/10th as clean as the Koramangala parks, now THAT would be aspirational!
  • In Indian English, “Dirty” can take the form of a verb.
  • Playing in the Park prohibited? Aw come on!

The Darndest Things you see in India – Part 3

Bhurka (abaya) beyond your imagination! 'nuf said.

Emblem of a Tier 1 Bangalore school.

Lalbagh nursery has a mobile garden unit...

Marketing collateral inside Lalbagh nurserymen's office. Am still on the lookout for this woman in Bangalore...

Jail-birds? Think again.. group of day labourers headed to work.

Abandoned Ambassador headed to a 'slow boat to China' burial!

Next post in this 4-part series is The darndest things you see in India – Part 4 (park signs).

Kargil Day – The Least We Can Do is Remember

Today is the 11th anniversary of the day India won the Kargil war against Pakistan. One of my fauji friends (and classmate from Xaviers Bokaro) forwarded an email with pictures of the brave officers who won this war for India, albeit with a lot of casualties. His email started with the statement – the least we can do is remember. Next related project: find the names of all the soldiers (not just the officers) who died in the Kargil war.



The least we can do is remember

Capt.Vikram Batra – Param Vir Chakra(Posthumous)

Grenedier. Yogendra Singh (Param Vir Chakra)

RFN. Sanjay Kumar (Param Vir Chakra)

Major Padmapani Acharya of the 2nd Battalion, The RAJPUTANA RIFLES (Maha Vir Chakra (Posthumous)

Lieutenant Balwan Singh, Maha Vir Chakra Of the 18th Battalion of GRENADIERS Regiment

Major M Saravanan, VirChakra, 1 Bihar

Lieutenant Kanad Bhattacharya, Sena Medal (Posthumous)(22 YEARS)

Captain Saju Cherian, Sena Medal 307 Medium Regiment

Captain R Jerry Prem Raj, Vir Chakra (Posthumous), 158 Medium Regiment

Major Sonam Wangchuk, Maha Vir Chakra Of the LADAKH Scouts

Lieutenant Keishing Clifford Nangrum, Maha Vir Chakra (Posthumous) Of the 12th Battalion of JAMMU AND KASHMIR

The darndest things you see in India – Part 2

The previous post of this series is The darndest things you see in India and the next is The darndest things you see in India – Part 3.

Lessons in user interface design. Remember - avg vehicle speed on Indian roads VERY low!

Gotta admit Boca Grande has one of the cleanest loos in town!

Is the Avon brand marketing manager a genius? Worthy of a dedicated blog post...

If not for sale, why list name? Bcos owner wants to be notified if someone begins building something...

The darndest things you see in India

1 year 10 months and 3 non-SLR camera phones later, below is a partial collection of India-defining frames I’ve found interesting.

Yes – there ARE parking signs in Bangalore. Just need a modicum of luck & a Holmes gleam.

TVS Moped with less than regulation (i.e. 20%) load

This is a glass-half-full kinda kid – “look at all the traffic we are AHEAD of!”

Where else in the world do we have Midnight Marathons? Venue: Whitefield Road, Month: Jan

This may seem like graffiti but it’s NOT – I insist that this plot is NOT FOR SALE!

One sign, two messages! For some strange reason, reminded of that famous pre-Independence sign “Dogs and Indians not allowed!”

Sign inside Bethany High School boys

If at first you don’t spell it right, you must try and TRY again!

In case you haven’t noticed, India’s spelling bee champs have all moved to USA.

How many spelling mistakes can you spot?

Indians love to pun.. really!

A yr after being commissioned into service, this stainless steel vessel one day just gave up! 7 vertical cracks appeared simultaneously after a rasam production!

Wish we had this sign in OUR apartment complex..Then we could fret about dog owners ignoring it.

It’s not just the BMW and Mercedes you’ll see on Bangalore roads. Toyota MR2 for the discerning.

Time to visit the optometrist? Don’t bother. Any of these store signs can be used for vision check.

The next post in this 4-part series – The darndest things you see in India (Part 2).