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The Guide’s trouble with the Censor Board

If you thought Bollywood’s troubles with the Censor Board are a recent phenomenon, think again. R.K. Narayan recounts, in The Writerly Life, his experience with the movie making process of The Guide. He appropriately titles that episode in his book as The ‘Misguided’ Guide. He devotes 13 pages to that episode, fine Narayan reading of […]

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Rise of small town India

[Editor’s Note: The piece below was penned by Akshay Garg, former co-founder at Komli Media. It appeared on his Facebook feed and I’m republishing here with his permission. Interesting analogies all around.] Modi’s emphatic win in these Indian elections is shocking for many reasons, not the least of which is that in a country as divided by […]

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In happier days (Pic courtesy Outlook India)

Gandhi-Nehru to Anna-Kejriwal: an interesting cross-era analogy

In case you haven’t noticed, the most interesting Indian political discussions are happening on Facebook. Last week, a friend (a keen follower of the ‘India story’ with an appetite for indulging in high quality discussions) shared the following update regarding AAP. Just realized AAPs strategy is like Gordon Gekkos. Find a state with decent balance […]

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The Merchant of Corrupt Venice

I think of Portia’s famous speech often – every time a corrupt minister  gets implicated in a corruption scam. When Infosys’ Narayana Murthy came up with that ridiculous suggestion that anti-corruption legislation should be crafted to only punish the “taker” and not the “giver”, I thought of it again. When Vadragate broke I thought it […]

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Manmohan Singh’s shambolic apology for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots

In Dec 2012, Firstpost’s Editor-in-chief R. Jagannathan (@thejaggi on Twitter) wrote an incisive piece titled Maya, Modi and the art of the unapologetic apology. It caught my attention this morning when I read an analysis about the British Premier David Cameron’s ‘apology’ for Jallianwala Bagh massacre. I quote the Manmohan Singh section below – the reprehensible […]

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On a nation with drastically low expectations

Three tweets from @albatrossinfo (RT’d by CentreRight India’s Prasanna Viswanathan) caught my attention this evening. It also reminded me of an old post — really a Facebook thread resurrected on my blog — Enough with the “we need better leaders” nonsense!

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Day 3 054

Ejipura evictions and Karnataka State Human Rights Commission

If you have read about last month’s evictions (and demolition) of a slum in the Ejipura/Koramangala neighborhood of Bangalore.. and want to do something about it, here’s a sample of the letter you can write/email to the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission. Leave a comment and I’ll DM/message you the relevant email addresses. To Karnataka […]

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Mr. P. Manivannan (BESCOM MD) - Pic courtesy

Bangalore BESCOM’s MD sets the bar for (gasp) efficient babudom

While the UPA-II government has been working tirelessly to muzzle social media at every opportunity they get (and creating some along the way), some bureaucrats are using social media the way it’s supposed to be — listening to their constituents, providing valuable proactive updates, offering suggestions to sister organizations, etc. Hark! Did I say some […]

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Jaipur’s Day of Shame

Yesterday was the 4th edition of the Ambuja Jaipur Marathon. My friends from Delhi (Strang and Rakhi) were eagerly looking forward to running the half marathon in Jaipur for the first time. Little did they know what kind of horrid hooliganism awaited them.. while they were running. Strang posted the following update on Facebook which […]

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On heroes, martyrs, and beheadings…

Shared on my friend’s Facebook wall – a point of view from an army man (friend’s friend) who has served at the LOC (don’t know when or for how long). Provides a fresh perspective on what exactly the ‘beheading’ might have been and also on the issue of heroes vs. martyrs. – Quote – “I […]

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