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The Case of the Gliding Shark

[Editor’s Note: The Case of the Gliding Shark (Adventures of Detective Speedo) is the first in, what might become, a series of short stories centered around Speedo – a fish detective. The author is my older son who’ll soon turn ten. He wrote this story four months ago for a school assignment. Barring some editorial […]

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Google couldn't help me with the right image for a sulky child. Best (feline) alternative courtesy

Sulking, Darwin Theory, Barbers and More…

It’s been ages since I posted the last kiddism. Lest our parental radar loses its sensitivity, here are the latest kiddisms that have survived the ravages of this. In reverse chronological order… Kiddism #158 (S): “Even when I’m sulking, I’m actually happy. There’s so much to DO!” This one (from the recent weekend) sparked off […]

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Inside the hood of a Reva (Pic: courtesy

Listen to Keith Jarrett or help dad change the tire?

After two years of Reva ownership, I faced my first flat tire on Saturday. Fortunately it was discovered in the garage so no inconvenience there. Sunday morning I headed downstairs to the parking area with an OMG-I’m-going-to-help-daddy 9-year old as my helper. A few minutes after we had surreptitiously exited the apartment, mommy had to […]

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I will if you want me to.

Most people in the world, when asked if they’d like another serving of food, would answer either “Yes” or “No”. Some people would defer the decision until such a point where they are sure. Let’s chalk their answer to “Maybe”. The past few months our younger son has been throwing a googly at us with […]

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India's largest banyan tree, Kolkata

Does every living thing need to have some “use”?

During tonight’s good night ritual with the kids, the following conversation with my 9-year old. S: Does a banyan tree have any fruits? Me: No. S: Does it have any flowers? Me: I don’t think so. S: Then what’s the USE of a banyan tree? Me: Well, it gives a LOT of shade. It grows […]

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Kids and one-upmanship

The conversation below is between four Indian kids. Indian kids who know that marathon equals the precise distance of 42.2 km and isn’t a modifier like “5k marathon” or “10k marathon”. The conversation took place sometime in 2010. I wasn’t a live witness but my friend Shalini related it soon after. A: “My father has run […]

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In that case I'll buy a cheaper car

In that case I’ll buy a cheaper car

A conversation between our 6-year old (A) and his mom. I was just a fly on the wall. A: When I grow up I’ll buy a Mercedes. MOM: Why Mercedes? A: Because its your favorite car. MOM: (gives him a sentimental hug and replies practically) Then you have to study VERY hard in school and […]

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My 8 year old weighs in on the barefoot running debate

My 8 year old weighs in on the barefoot running debate

Last Saturday, our 3rd grader had his annual school sports day. Since he had qualified for the heats in two categories (75 meter and 30 meter sprints), he was tickled pink and excited for weeks leading up to this event. Sadly, it was a low-key event with parents not being invited. When I went to pick him […]

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Can you live so completely that there is only the active present now?

From the chapter “A fundamental question” in Jiddu Krishnamurti’s The Awakening of Intelligence. This chapter was from a lecture delivered in Madras on Jan 12, 1968. The closing excerpt (reproduced here) made an impression on me. Questioner: Sir, if we are not in the past, but in the present, does that also become the past and […]

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Looking for cross-training ideas? Here’s one: 4-year-old on a bicycle!

For almost a year now, my Sunday morning ritual has involved my two boys with their bicycles. The seven-year-old “S” is the veteran – having a couple of years of cycling miles under his belt. The younger one “A” (almost five) is going through a cycling growth spurt. After graduating to the big-boy cycle 9 months […]

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