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A vegetarian cracks an egg

I was raised a vegetarian. Avoiding meat was the most natural thing for as long as I can remember in my childhood. During our teen years, eggs made a brief entrance into our lives. In the form of cakes. They would be baked in a special-purpose oven (egg handling done by a domestic help) away […]

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How do they DO this?

The Salmon Experiments

Among marine life, salmon probably lead the most interesting lives. Born in freshwater rivers, they migrate to the ocean where they live most of their adult lives and, when it’s time to spawn, they start the reverse migration process swimming upstream all the way to their natal river, often to the exact riverbed area where […]

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Why do vegetarians annoy people who eat meat?

Why do vegetarians annoy people who eat meat? A 2012 psychology research study, it turns out, has the answer. But before I get to the study (bulk of this post anyway), I want to give some background. I wrote this post a few days before Eid 2016, a rather unremarkable piece recounting my witnessing the slaughter […]

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London, Sept 2010

Witness to a slaughter

It was my second year at BIT Mesra. My friend was the hostel mess secretary (hostel #7). One of the secretary’s responsibilities was to accompany the hostel mess manager for the weekly groceries+produce shopping. For one of those weekly trips, my friend couldn’t make it so I substituted for him. Pretty uneventful stuff for the first few […]

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Blame the butcher

A recent conversation with my parents unearthed a nostalgic gem from our years in Bokaro. This is post #2 in my series on understanding meat eaters. My older brother (S) was seven. We had our first cousin (let’s call her “IP”) living with us that year. She was six. I was too young to remember anything. My uncle (and […]

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Understanding meat eaters through the lapsed vegetarian lens

[Editor’s note: This is the first in a series on vegetarians, omnivores, food habits, diets adopted by successful athletes (bias towards runners of course), perhaps eventually leading to a psychohistory of food. Several years of Facebook sharing has taught me that *any* article on these topics (lengthy, nuanced or researchy) invariably lead to defensive or […]

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But these animals were also created for us to consume in moderation

And what is good, Phaedrus, And what is not good. Need we ask anyone to tell us these things? – Robert Pirsig I’ve been on this Indian Vegans Facebook group for sometime now. A fairly high traffic group so I pop in every now and then. Two days ago, somebody posted the following question: A […]

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Intermittent fasting for health and longevity

On the eve of Karwa Chauth, I thought this would be a topical post. Todd Becker (author of the Getting Stronger blog) has written on this topic at length. My contribution in this post is to summarize the salient points for the ADD generation. The only reason I filed this post under Running is because […]

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The runner’s elixir

The Gauls go to battle against the hapless Romans after downing a swig of magic potion prepared by their druid Getafix. It doesn’t matter how heavily armed the Romans are or whether they got recent reinforcements from the nearby camp of Laudanum. They always get bashed to nothingness – sandals on the ground, Roman soldiers […]

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