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The Indistructibles

When I bought the Palm Pilot 5000, I could legitimately call myself one of the “early adopters”. I still remember the excitement with which I drove to the Circuit City (somewhere near Park Ridge, Illinois). And I couldn’t wait to return to the office and lay my hands on the beauty. Some years later, I was buying […]

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Never too late to be alone

Chicago was the first city where I lived alone. Alone in the truest sense of the word.  Hostel life at Mesra, an extended hostel life at Jamshedpur, and roommates during my years at Houston certainly prepared me for it. If not for my friend Ganesh I might not have experienced  Chicago, Ganesh Glen Dale Heights […]

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Squash and the City

Serious runners are crazy people. Serious squash players are no less crazy. The crazy squash player I am thinking about is my friend. Sanjay (now a Princeton, NJ resident) was my senior at BIT Mesra and we became close friends during our years in Jamshedpur. Unlike my sporadic dalliance (2 years of squash initiation in […]

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When I met a Mexican Vishy in a Texas Ghost Town

[Editor’s Note: On a musical day that started with Depeche Mode, moved on to Buena Vista Social Club, and continued with Omoro Portuondo and Getz/Gilberto in the evening, it wasn’t a surprise that I remembered this story and a 1993 road trip in West Texas.] The man grinned widely, offered his hand and introduced himself. […]

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How the West was Lost – Short Version

I grew up on a diet of  Wild West novels and a dominant American narrative that celebrated the victory of the white man against the native American Indian. It was always about how the West was “won.” The turning point in my thinking occurred in 1996 when I was lucky enough to attend a lecture […]

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The sandwiched generation. The best generation!

The sandwiched generation. The best generation!

[Editor’s Note: The author of this post, Rajat Mukherjee, lives in Silicon Valley and works for Google. This post originally appeared on his Silicon Thoughts blog and is reproduced here with his permission. Rajat is a classic lay-down-rooter, a term I defined in this post.] Last week, we were at the Bellarmine Speech and Debate […]

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As I shuttled between Bangalore and San Francisco in 2010

As I shuttled between Bangalore and San Francisco in 2010

I saved this tweet from Nitin Pai (chief honcho and writer at The Indian National Interest) sometime in the first half of 2010. The operative phrase is “ought to”. The sad reality is that for most people (and I include myself in this category), the dominant emotions are sadness, guilt and frustration. Where’s the fury […]

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When something’s not easy to do, you are doing it wrong

It was early days for me at the University of Houston campus in the Fall of 1992. One of my initial starry-eyed memories was that of purchasing my first Coke can from a vending machine on my way back to the Cambridge Oaks apartment. This was my first-ever encounter with a Coke can (for that […]

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University of Houston - Science & Engineering classroom complex (Pic: courtesy

Memories of an American Life – First Two Years in Houston

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on my life in America spanning Houston, Chicago and SF Bay Area. Part 1 was Memories of an American Life – 4 years in Chicago. I arrived in Houston, Texas on August 16, 1992 with one friend (my friend & classmate from BIT Ranchi – Namita Raghavan). […]

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Chicago's Lake Shore Drive between Diversey & Fullerton - part of my fave running stretch -- till Navy Pier (Pic: courtesy

Memories of an American Life – 4 years in Chicago

I originally wanted to start a post called “Ten little things I miss about America” and then realized it should more on the lines of ‘memories that I treasure’ (true true!) rather than a life that I miss and crave (at least not yet!). Sixteen years of American life were spent in 3 cities (Houston, […]

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