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House #54, 17th Main, 2nd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

The front of the house
Courtyard in front with furniture display (and guard in background)
More furniture in front courtyard
View from the side of the house
Side courtyard featuring rocks and stones
A long side courtyard indeed
Courtyard ends here - beautiful tree with a spiral staircase leading somewhere...
Don't know why but this reminded me of Cuba/Buena Vista Social Club
Glimpses of former glory
Park bench & office desk meet... in the side courtyard
More stone work - very comfortable
Metallic clothes lines were probably in vogue a decades ago
A more complete look at the lovely spiral staircase
Overhead ceiling fan at the intersection of the front and side courtyards
Center of the house features a Japanese'sque shrub-tree with open roof. Beautiful.
Carefully careless or accidentally appropriate?