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Ode to Humpty Dumpty

My 13-year old niece in Cupertino, California wrote this ode for an English assignment. As you can see, it is heavily influenced by King Arthur era English (which I absolutely love). She sadly doesn’t have a Facebook account yet (despite lobbying from her uncle) so I promised to post this on my blog (after getting permission from her mom). Read on and imagine medieval times….

O proud egghead who stays

Sitting on thy beautiful granite stone

In a wilde release of gravity fall

Pulls thee over thy granite wall

Never to be return’d to thy position again

The king is brought before thee

Along with his gallant steeds and his men

Cannot aide you onto thy proud boulder

For thou shalt not be put back together again.

But egghead, do not wallow in sorrow.

Banish now thy doubt of being forgotten

Places of learning sing hymns of thy greatness

Miniature persons worship thee

Thou art the famous egg forever

Thou shalt not be forgotten by the world.

Steeds and their men still remember thee

And recall how thee was aided

Great men hangst their heads in never ending shame

Because thou could not be put back on thy stone

No, thou could never be put back again.

Thy greatness is cherished nationwide

O great egghead do not fear

Tales told of thee spread far and wide

Across the lands of present time

And now I praise thee, Humpty Dumpty.

Thou art the greatest egghead who

Ever strideth across the white sands of time

And thou art famous for falling that fateful day

Falling off your granite wall, but alas!

Never to be put back again.